Years, Leap Years, Number of Days and Weeks in a Year

ISO weeks: Number of weeks according to ISO-8601 (weeks starting on Monday). The first week is the week with a Thursday in the new year (first 4-day week).
Leap years: Every year that is divisible by four is a leap year, except for years that are divisible by 100, but not by 400.

List of years 1800-2100

Days CountWeeks CountIs Leap YearLeap Year Cycle
180036552Year IV
180136553Year I
180236552Year II
180336552Year III
180436652YesYear IV
180536552Year I
180636552Year II
180736553Year III
180836652YesYear IV
180936552Year I
181036552Year II
181136552Year III
181236653YesYear IV
181336552Year I
181436552Year II
181536552Year III
181636652YesYear IV
181736552Year I
181836553Year II
181936552Year III
182036652YesYear IV
182136552Year I
182236552Year II
182336552Year III
182436653YesYear IV
182536552Year I
182636552Year II
182736552Year III
182836652YesYear IV
182936553Year I
183036552Year II
183136552Year III
183236652YesYear IV
183336552Year I
183436552Year II
183536553Year III
183636652YesYear IV
183736552Year I
183836552Year II
183936552Year III
184036653YesYear IV
184136552Year I
184236552Year II
184336552Year III
184436652YesYear IV
184536552Year I
184636553Year II
184736552Year III
184836652YesYear IV
184936552Year I
185036552Year II
185136552Year III
185236653YesYear IV
185336552Year I
185436552Year II
185536552Year III
185636652YesYear IV
185736553Year I
185836552Year II
185936552Year III
186036652YesYear IV
186136552Year I
186236552Year II
186336553Year III
186436652YesYear IV
186536552Year I
186636552Year II
186736552Year III
186836653YesYear IV
186936552Year I
187036552Year II
187136552Year III
187236652YesYear IV
187336552Year I
187436553Year II
187536552Year III
187636652YesYear IV
187736552Year I
187836552Year II
187936552Year III
188036653YesYear IV
188136552Year I
188236552Year II
188336552Year III
188436652YesYear IV
188536553Year I
188636552Year II
188736552Year III
188836652YesYear IV
188936552Year I
189036552Year II
189136553Year III
189236652YesYear IV
189336552Year I
189436552Year II
189536552Year III
189636653YesYear IV
189736552Year I
189836552Year II
189936552Year III
190036552Year IV
190136552Year I
190236552Year II
190336553Year III
190436652YesYear IV
190536552Year I
190636552Year II
190736552Year III
190836653YesYear IV
190936552Year I
191036552Year II
191136552Year III
191236652YesYear IV
191336552Year I
191436553Year II
191536552Year III
191636652YesYear IV
191736552Year I
191836552Year II
191936552Year III
192036653YesYear IV
192136552Year I
192236552Year II
192336552Year III
192436652YesYear IV
192536553Year I
192636552Year II
192736552Year III
192836652YesYear IV
192936552Year I
193036552Year II
193136553Year III
193236652YesYear IV
193336552Year I
193436552Year II
193536552Year III
193636653YesYear IV
193736552Year I
193836552Year II
193936552Year III
194036652YesYear IV
194136552Year I
194236553Year II
194336552Year III
194436652YesYear IV
194536552Year I
194636552Year II
194736552Year III
194836653YesYear IV
194936552Year I
195036552Year II
195136552Year III
195236652YesYear IV
195336553Year I
195436552Year II
195536552Year III
195636652YesYear IV
195736552Year I
195836552Year II
195936553Year III
196036652YesYear IV
196136552Year I
196236552Year II
196336552Year III
196436653YesYear IV
196536552Year I
196636552Year II
196736552Year III
196836652YesYear IV
196936552Year I
197036553Year II
197136552Year III
197236652YesYear IV
197336552Year I
197436552Year II
197536552Year III
197636653YesYear IV
197736552Year I
197836552Year II
197936552Year III
198036652YesYear IV
198136553Year I
198236552Year II
198336552Year III
198436652YesYear IV
198536552Year I
198636552Year II
198736553Year III
198836652YesYear IV
198936552Year I
199036552Year II
199136552Year III
199236653YesYear IV
199336552Year I
199436552Year II
199536552Year III
199636652YesYear IV
199736552Year I
199836553Year II
199936552Year III
200036652YesYear IV
200136552Year I
200236552Year II
200336552Year III
200436653YesYear IV
200536552Year I
200636552Year II
200736552Year III
200836652YesYear IV
200936553Year I
201036552Year II
201136552Year III
201236652YesYear IV
201336552Year I
201436552Year II
201536553Year III
201636652YesYear IV
201736552Year I
201836552Year II
201936552Year III
202036653YesYear IV
202136552Year I
202236552Year II
202336552Year III
202436652YesYear IV
202536552Year I
202636553Year II
202736552Year III
202836652YesYear IV
202936552Year I
203036552Year II
203136552Year III
203236653YesYear IV
203336552Year I
203436552Year II
203536552Year III
203636652YesYear IV
203736553Year I
203836552Year II
203936552Year III
204036652YesYear IV
204136552Year I
204236552Year II
204336553Year III
204436652YesYear IV
204536552Year I
204636552Year II
204736552Year III
204836653YesYear IV
204936552Year I
205036552Year II
205136552Year III
205236652YesYear IV
205336552Year I
205436553Year II
205536552Year III
205636652YesYear IV
205736552Year I
205836552Year II
205936552Year III
206036653YesYear IV
206136552Year I
206236552Year II
206336552Year III
206436652YesYear IV
206536553Year I
206636552Year II
206736552Year III
206836652YesYear IV
206936552Year I
207036552Year II
207136553Year III
207236652YesYear IV
207336552Year I
207436552Year II
207536552Year III
207636653YesYear IV
207736552Year I
207836552Year II
207936552Year III
208036652YesYear IV
208136552Year I
208236553Year II
208336552Year III
208436652YesYear IV
208536552Year I
208636552Year II
208736552Year III
208836653YesYear IV
208936552Year I
209036552Year II
209136552Year III
209236652YesYear IV
209336553Year I
209436552Year II
209536552Year III
209636652YesYear IV
209736552Year I
209836552Year II
209936553Year III
210036552Year IV
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